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Your business is ensured high quality and high speed connection.

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Our network is optimised.

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Real-time advanced tech support.

Real-time, advanced

tech support.

We're a boutique firm. That means as a client you always have access to our advanced support team who understands your needs. Internet support has never been so pain-free.

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Portal Driven

If you're used to provisioning services through AWS or Azure then you'll love Miniport. Qualify, order, and manage without chasing an account manager!

Technology Choice

We offer a wide choice of access options to suit any location or budget. Use NBN for rapid provisioning with no contracts or 1Gbps Fibre for serious workloads.

Reseller Friendly

We're built for MSPs. Delegate access allows you to manage your customer accounts. Direct billing or resale, it's up to you.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to offer the best value product and support for your business.

All of Miniport’s NBN services are advertised with an average evening speed. This speed reflects what the average Miniport client using FTTP technology experiences on a day to day basis. These numbers are updated monthly based on data collected from a number of points within our and end user network. Including internal engineering graphs, data, and speedtests provided to us by end users.
We charge setup fees for most services. These are passed to us and marked up appropriately based on a number of factors such as average client aquisition cost as well time is required from our team to provision and test your service before deploying it out to you. In some cases NBN connections will come with an unlisted setup fee of $350. This fee is only applied to about 5% of new connections and is charged by NBN as a result of a premise connection that meets a particular set of circumstances.
Our billing system will generate a bill automatically based on the details of the service you ordered. This bill must be paid for the service to be provided. Miniport reserves the right to discontinue providing services to those who do not pay their bills. If you believe you may have difficulty with a bill, please contact us through any of the contact methods on our site so that we can discuss options for you. We don't charge late fees by default, however, we retain the right to charge a fee of 20% of the total value of an invoice to users whose accounts are consistently found in arrears without being in contact with our team.
Our plans comes with a standard SLA. This promises that we will have a network engineer ready to assist within 10 minutes of any outage ticket, and we will provide 99.9% uptime per month. Businesses who use our services are entitled to a 1% per 5 minute refund for any down time to the total of 35% of the most recent line item for the assosicated service. Please contact our support desk for more information.

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