We recently had FTTP installed at home and had originally signed up with a competing ISP, as time went on our connection with them became more and more congested during busy periods – ending up actually worse off than we were on ADSL2+. A friend put me in touch with the guys at Miniport who quickly and easily arranged a second connection to run alongside our original congested one, allowing me to directly compare the two to see if It was worth jumping ship. The difference was staggering, whilst our existing congested connection hobbled along at as low as 4mbit, Miniport was running at the maximum rated speed with no sign of congestion at all. Combine the performance difference with the positive and helpful nature of the staff and you have a winning combination, this is definitely Internet as it should be.

Cameron Plumb

After Swapping from another Provider to Miniport, the cost of our internet has gone down while our speed and data limit has gone up! Faultless customer service while others have left a lot to be desired.

Finally, an internet service provider who provides amazing service and support!

Chris Hunter- Network Administor

Starting our businesses, we wanted a reputable website host and web server. We wanted to use a reputable company, good information security and local contact if needed. We wanted a good deal in comparison and best products and design tools. We wanted a company to trust as the plunge into creating our websites as there are a lot of unknowns and Cowboys providers. So we invested in Miniport.com.au and we were impressed from the start! The user interface, app add on’s, and knowledge, product information, guidance, communication, customer service when we spoke to the team was ‘top shelf’. Best decision we have made investing in MiniServers.com.au and getting started ourselves on our websites.

Daniel Ryan