Terms and Conditions

Miniport Contracts and Changes to the T&C
By entering into a contract with Miniport you agree to and understand the policies and facts stated on our site. Contracts are binding for the term agreed upon entering through a purchase. Each payment to Miniport constitutes a new contract, through which you agree to these terms and conditions. It is important for our customers to understand that these terms and conditions may change from month to month, and as such Miniport strongly recommends customers read through the terms and conditions prior to entering any new contracts. Miniport reserves the right to change these terms without warning. Privacy Policy Miniport will not intentionally disclose any personally identifying information pertaining to you
(including the information you submit when creating an account or placing any orders with Miniport). Miniport stores information about you such as your name, address, phone number and billing history. This information enables Miniport to contact you if necessary. Miniport does not resell this information.

Piracy Policy Miniport does not condone criminal acts, and as such any illegal activity is prohibited. Please refrain from partaking in Piracy on our network

MetaData Miniport Stores Metadata on all DSL and NBN clients in full accordance with Australian Legislation. If a request is made for a client’s data we will be in contact with that client ASAP to inform them of the data request as well as to offer guidance so you know your rights and how to navigate the situation.

Hacking Policy Hacking illegally is a crime, and as such Miniport prohibits any such action. Miniport appreciates where vulnerabilities in it's network is identified and suggestions for patches, but reminds customers and other parties that any illegal breaches of our network will be dealt with accordingly.

Payment & Lateness Policy Miniport’s billing system will generate a bill automatically based on the details of the service ordered by the customer. This bill must be paid for service to be provided. Miniport reserves the right to discontinue providing services to those who do not pay their bills. If you believe you may have difficulty with a bill, please contact Miniport through any of the contact methods on our site so that we can discuss options for you.

Miniport Do not charge late fees Miniport will provide the account holder notice before disconnection if due dates are consistently missed- Generally around the 45day mark although this is up to the account manager in charge. If you wish to continue your service with Miniport after disconnection you will be required to pay a $40 reconnection fee for NBN services and Up to $125 for ADSL services. - Please note that if your service is disconnected the contract is considered broken.

Refund Policy Miniport is not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the services you asked for or misunderstood the technical limitations- We will provide a full and prompt refund on any and all connections that perform outside of what is considered effective operational range.

Network Performance All of Miniport’s services are advertised with the maximum theoretical speed a connection of that type is capable of reaching. In practice, your speed will vary depending on the distance from the exchange/POI, quality of the cables Between you and our Data Center and the services you are connecting to.

Commercial/Business Activity Miniport’s plans apply to all customers, business and commercial included. Miniport requires that all customers keep in mind that they are under our fair use policy and breaches of this will be dealt with accordingly.